School lunch

The European School Copenhagen is one of the City of Copenhagen’s “Madskoler” (culinary schools). This means that the school has its own on-site production kitchen and staff, who prepare lunch for the students every day.

The students in grade 4-6 help out in the kitchen on a rotation basis.  Cooking and knowledge about food sustainability, animal welfare and nutrition is therefore an integral part of the life at the school.

The menu is varied and the ingredients 90-100% organic. There are three vegetarian days, one fish day and one meat day per week and the kitchen caters to students with dietary restrictions.

All the students eat in the canteen whether they eat the food made by the school or they bring their own packed lunch.

Students can order milk through Skolemælk.

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Food inspection report – smiley programme

Apply for reduced price or free school lunch

Order milk through Skolemælk

School health services

The Municipality of Copenhagen provides school health services to all the schools in Copenhagen. Each school is assigned a school health nurse, who will visit the school regularly and monitor the student’s general health and well-being during their years in school.

The services of the school nurse include a combination of individual health consultations, examinations and health promotion teaching in the school. 

Our school nurse is Winnie Hansen and she is specially trained to work with children. Winnie invites the students (and parents) to a consultation at different stages of their development (nursery class, Primary 1, Primary 5 and Secondary 3).

All health consultations take place in the health clinic located on the second floor of the school.

If you need to contact Winnie, please write to her via Aula. 

Visit the website of the City of Copenhagen

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School dental services

The Municipality of Copenhagen offers free dental and orthodontic care for all children age 0-17  provided they have a CPR number. The dentists are specially trained to work with children. Once your child is registered in a school, your child will be called in for regular check-ups via e-box.

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Last updated October 13, 2022