Read about our subjects in Upper Secondary below.

Chemistry in Upper Secondary is both a practical and theoretical subject. In the subject, we work on linking observations in the laboratory with the theory you also work with in class. The course provides a broad range of chemistry knowledge and a new understanding of the world we live in. In advanced level (A-level), you will thoroughly work with many topics within different chemical areas, and it therefore provides a good basis for choosing a science education afterwards and also prepares you for all higher education’s containing chemistry, e.g. chemistry, chemical engineering, medicinal chemistry, biochemistry and pharmacy.

Religious Studies is a mandatory, theoretical subject in Upper Secondary. It is taught in S6 and in S7. The subject introduces different faiths, religious pluralism and intercultural societies, multifaith-societies, secularization and religion in the media.

The students will develop their academic competencies when they:  

  • Express themselves in a professional language using relevant terminology  
  • Analyze religious and nonreligious opinions by using an inside and outside perspective 
  • Compare religious traditions by using the seven dimensions to understand religion by theorist Ninian Smart  
  • Study ancient religious texts and practice the appertaining vocabulary 
  • Reflect upon, and discuss, the connection between religion and today’s secularized society – in a European and Global context 

Spanish is a L4 subject. It is taught in S4-S5 (A1/basic level) and can be chosen in S6-S7, reaching an A2+ level (elementary towards pre-intermediate). In Spanish we therefore focus on language: How to use it accurately and with a wide range of structures and vocabulary. BUT we also focus on cultural understanding by: 

  • getting to know the Spanish speaking world – a basic understanding of the 21 cultures  
  • implementing an intercultural exchange on different topics (climate, health, social media, music, literature) 
  • creating reflection about communicative resources and learning strategies

Art in Upper Secondary is a practical subject rooted in theory. We work with painting, sculpture, installation and other art forms and you learn to navigate in a world of visual culture. As one of the only secondary schools in Denmark, we offer art at A-level! 


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  • Political science 
  • Sociology 
  • Drama/theatre 
  • Chinese 
  • Economics 
  • Philosophy 
  • German  
  • Physical Education 
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