S7 (3.g)

S7 (3.g)

S7 is the final year of the baccalaureate cycle. In this school year, students will sit internal and external exams both before graduating in late June.  

The students will follow the same subjects as in S6, and no changes of any kind are allowed. 

All social and academic events in S6 can be found in the calendar on Lectio. The easiest way to get an overview is by clicking “hovedmenu” followed by “månedskalender”. 

Important academic events and events regarding the baccalaureate cycle in the school year 2023-24 can be found below. 

7 September Info session for parents and students. The presentation can be found here.
29 September First deadline for registration for exams and choices of exams. Please read more about the choices of exams below. 
9 October and 11 October Mock orals in Language 2/History/Geography. 
12 October 13.10 Final deadline for changing choices of exams.  
Week 44 Visit from bac coordinator in all classes on paper, conduct at exam etc. 
View presentation here.
Weeks 47 – 48 Visit from bac coordinator in all classes for a refresher on procedure at exams as well as how to issue an appeal or complaint on the pre-bac. 
5 December First exam in Geography 2p. 
7 December First exam in Philosophy 2p. 
11 December First exam in Biology 2p. 
13 December First exam in History 2p. 
22 January to 2 February Pre-baccalaureate exams in L1, L2, Math and all 4p options. Students need to sit pre-bac exams in a subject, even if they have not chosen it for the exam in June. 
28 February First school report published.  
19 March Mock orals in Language 1. These mocks will be done exactly as the exam in June to train the format of the examinations. 
Weeks 16 – 17 Visit from bac coordinator in all classes on important dates and events in the remainder of the school year. 
2 May Second exam in Geography 2p. 
3 May Second exam in Biology 2p. 
6 May Second exam in Philosophy 2p. 
7 May Second exam in History 2p. 
Weeks 20 – 21 Visit from bac coordinator in all classes on appeals and complaints. 
24 May Second school report published. Final day of school. 
3 June – 14 June Written examinations. Please note that exams will take place on both 5 June and on Saturday 8 June. 
17 – 18 June Mock orals in 3rd choice of oral exam. 
20 or 21 June Start of oral examinations 
28 June (tentative) Communication of results 
28 June (tentative) Proclamation 

Calculation of final mark 

The final mark is based on class marks and internal exam marks obtained throughout the year (the preliminary mark) as well as marks obtained at the final written and oral examinations.  

The final mark is a number between 0 and 100. 50 is a passing mark. 

Preliminary mark 

The preliminary mark is calculated from the two school reports published in the school year (February and May). It accounts for 50% of the overall mark. 

The preliminary mark is an average mark of all subjects and is calculated from class marks (A1 and A2) as well as marks from the internal examinations (B1 and some B2 marks). The A-marks are weighed 40%, while the B-marks are weighed 60%.  

Students receive A-marks in all subjects in the two school reports.  

Students receive two B-marks in subjects with two exams placed in the school year. These includes complementary subjects and Physical Education as well as the 2p options in History, Biology, Geography and Philosophy. Students will sit those exams in November/December and May.  

Students receive one B-mark in all other subjects (L1, L2, Math and 4p options). Students will be awarded these based on exams in January.  

The calculation of the preliminary mark in each subject is thus different depending on whether it is a subject with two internal exams or a subject with one internal exam.  

For instance, in History 2p the preliminary mark is calculated as 

whereas the preliminary mark is calculated as  

All exams during the school year are made by the subject groups and corrected by the subject teacher. 

Exam marks 

Students will sit five written and three oral exams in June. Each of the five written exams count for 7% towards the final mark (for a total of 35%), while each of the three oral exams counts for 5% (for a total of 15%).  

The exams will therefore in total account for the other half of the students’ final mark. 

Choices of exams 

Students are choosing their exams before the Autumn break in S7 based on the choices mentioned below. 

Religious Studies, Physical Education and complementary subjects cannot be chosen for the exams, and Art 4p and Music 4p can only be chosen for the written exam and not the oral.  

Written examinations 

Students need to sit written examinations in the following subjects. 

Subject Length (min) 
Language 1 240 
Language 2 180 
Mathematics 120 min with calculator 120 min without calculator 
4p option Varies depending on the exam 
4p option 

Oral examinations 

All oral examinations have a length of 20 minutes plus 25 min for preparation. These 25 minutes include choosing the question and walking to and back from the preparation room. 

Students need to sit oral examinations in  

Language 1 
Language 2 / History /Geography 
One additional subject (that has not been chosen for the written exam) 
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