S6 is the first year of the baccalaureate cycle. Since all students have made different subject choices, they will only be with their original class in a few periods each week. Instead, the entire year level with meet each other in different classes throughout the week.  

Students will follow the subjects in the package designed by themselves in S5. They are allowed to change subjects up to and including 15 September, if the schedule so permits.   

From 15 September and until the end of the S6 school year, students are only allowed to move between levels within a subject (e.g. from History 4p to History 2p) and to drop subjects, as long as the schedule permits these changes and that all rules for subject packages are followed. A change to a more advanced course may be conditional upon the passing of an attainment test.  

All social and academic events in S6 can be found in the calendar on Lectio. The easiest way to get an overview is by clicking “hovedmenu” followed by “månedskalender”. 

Important academic events and events regarding the baccalaureate cycle in the school year 2023-24 can be found below. All tests throughout the school year are made by the subject groups and corrected by the subject teachers. 

15 September Final chance for changing subjects as described above. 
10 November First school report is published on SMS Myschool (please see a description of the marking scale and the different types of marks here)
Week 47 B-tests in PE and Religious Studies organized by the teacher. 
Week 48 B-tests in complementary subjects organized by the teacher 
4 December B-test in Philosophy 2p 
6 December B-test in Geography 2p 
December Oral B-test in History 2p
12 December B-test in Biology 2p 
Week 3 Test week in L1, L2, Math and 4p options 
2 February Second school report published. 
19 April Third school report published. 
End of April Classwise meetings with bac coordinator with refresher on rules for baccalaureate exams and calculation of final mark.  
14 May B-test in Geography 2p 
15 May B-test in History 2p 
16 May B-test in Biology 2p 
17 May B-test in Philosophy 2p 
3 June to 14 June Test weeks in L1, L2, Math and 4p options 
26 June Fourth school report published. 

The tests in the B-test weeks in January and June are listed below.  

Subject Length of test (minutes) 
Language 1 180 
Language 2 135 
Language 3 135 
Language 4 135 
Mathematics 3p Winter 90 min without calculator 45 min with calculator Summer 45 min without calculator 90 min with calculator 
Mathematics 5p 90 min without calculator 90 min with calculator 
Biology 4p 135 
Chemistry 4p 135 
Physics 4p 135 
Geography 4p (in L2) 135 
History 4p (in L2) 135 
Art 4p 225 
Economics 4p 135 
Philosophy 4p 180 
Last updated June 21, 2023