Student committees

Student committees

On this page, you can read more about our student-driven committees and clubs that you can take part in as a student at ESCPH. You can voice your opinions in the Student Council, work with green initiatives in the Sustainability Group, challenge your debate skills in MUN, or get creative in the Theatre and Muscial group!

You can also start and run a new committee if you’re walking around with a great idea.

Student Council

The Upper secondary Student Council is the voice of the students on all issues pertaining to student life and is also a way for the students to develop their leadership, teamwork and organisational skills. In addition to planning events that contribute to the student’s sense of community, the Student Council has been really involved in the upstart of the school helping shape the physical, learning and social environment of the school, including the creation of the many student committees.

After School PE

The purpose of the After School PE Club is educational as well as social. We meet for an hour and a half of sports or social activities every week. It can be sports we’ve never tried before or sports we already know and enjoy but want to get better at.

ATU (Akademiet for Talentfulde Unge)

In ATU, you have an opportunity to develop and challenge yourself in new areas. ATU is a diploma programme after school involving presentations, workshops and projects working with leading academics, researchers, and companies. The students in the ATU say that they enjoy learning about new topics that are not usually discussed in school and meeting other people, who are interested in the same issues as they are.

Social Initiatives

The party committee organises all kinds of parties and gatherings for the S5 and S6 students at the school. The aim is to create strong relationships between the students and bring students together across classes and year levels. The party committee has a lot of fun planning events and make sure the parties they organise are well-planned, fun and inclusive for everyone.

Theatre and Musical Group

The Theatre and Musical Group is a great place for the students who want to express themselves creatively. The students in the Theatre and Musical Group are planning to put on their first play in the forthcoming year.

Model United Nations (MUN)

Model United Nations (MUN) is an educational simulation and academic activity that provides students with an opportunity to learn about international relations, diplomacy, and the functioning of the United Nations. In MUN conferences, participants, often students, take on the roles of delegates representing different countries and engage in debates and discussions on various global issues.

The primary goal of MUN is to enhance participants’ understanding of international affairs, improve their public speaking and negotiation skills, and foster critical thinking and teamwork. Participants research and prepare for the conference by studying their assigned country’s position on specific topics, and during the event, they collaborate with delegates from other nations to address complex global challenges.

MUN simulations typically follow the formal procedures of the United Nations, with committees, resolutions, and diplomatic protocols. Participants work to find solutions to problems, negotiate agreements, and draft resolutions that reflect the diverse perspectives of the international community.

The experience gained through participating in MUN not only deepens knowledge about global issues but also cultivates valuable life skills such as diplomacy, negotiation, research, and public speaking. MUN conferences are held worldwide, involving students from various cultural backgrounds, making it a unique platform for cross-cultural exchange and understanding.

MUN in Malmö
In the last year, a few of the students from this school went to the MUN in Malmö. There they stayed for a week debating and trying to solve the problems of the future.

Personal experience
Personally, I can recommend MUN to everybody that is interested in politics and debating, as it is a great way to get better at debating and learning how organizations like the UN work.

You also get to know people around the globe that have the same interests as you. If you want any more information, you can find them on the website here.

Written by Jakob from S6DAA

Sustainability Group

The goal of the sustainability committee is to promote change from an environmental perspective addressing matters such as recycling, biodiversity, sustainable transport, and other global topics. The students have created a set of sustainable policies to help minimize our carbon footprint and the plan is to integrate them in the students’ everyday life and organise an annual Climate Day.

Assembly Committee

In the assembly committee, students can present important information and topics. The assembly group organises and presents an assembly every 6 weeks. In between, they plan ideas and collect information from various teachers and groups to present. It is a good opportunity to improve your public speaking and communication. You can also talk about you interests and ideas or help others communicate to the rest of the student body.

Social Media Committee

The aim of the SoMe Committee is to promote the school and showcase all the amazing learning and social activities in the school to students, staff, parents, and prospective new students. The SoMe committee produces content for the school’s official Instagram account and also creates posters and other materials to encourage student participation in upper secondary events and activities.

Book Club

The book club is for students who are interested in reading and would like to participate in something social around books. The students meet in a café, restaurant or at school to discuss books, stories, authors.

Last updated May 2, 2024