Alumni Assocation

Alumni Assocation

Welcome to the European School Copenhagen Alumni Association.

The alumni association was founded in 2023 following the graduation of the first European Baccalaureate students from ESCPH. The by-laws are to be officially approved at the first general assembly in March 2024.

Events in 2023/2024

17 November 2023First meeting and International Evening at ESCPH
1 March 2024General assembly

What is the purpose of the alumni association?

It states in the bylaws that the purpose of the association is to bridge the gap between the alumni, the school, and relevant people to the school, as well as creating networks through various activities such as dinners, lectures, alumni parties, etc. The purpose of the association is also to promote the school in general and the European Baccalaureate in particular.

Can I become a member?

Any graduate, former and current staff, as well as close friends of European School Copenhagen, can be admitted as members of the European School Copenhagen Alumni Association!

Last updated December 12, 2023