Pajamas for peace – 23rd September

Pajamas for peace – 23rd September

In light of recent events in Afghanistan, we have decided to make a whole school effort to raise money for UNICEF in order to provide humanitarian aid to millions of Afghan children.

This is in alignment with our school values and our role as a Rights Respecting School.

To raise money, we have decided to run a charity day on Thursday 23rd September, which we are calling Pajamas for Peace.

All students and staff are encouraged to wear pajamas to school for the day.

For the pleasure of doing so, we would like to encourage everyone to donate 10kr (or more if they would like to) to the MobilePay number 312944 with the word PJ.

All money raised will be donated here: UNICEF / Afghanistan. The account is held and organized by the Parents Association and the donations will be kept anonymous.

Looking forward to seeing you all in your PJs and raising lots of money for children in Afghanistan! 😊