In August 2020, the European School Copenhagen will open two new classes in the French language section – a nursery class and a secondary 1 class.

French nursery class

Nursery class is equivalent to Danish børnehaveklasse and is a compulsory school year in Denmark. The children are 5-6 years old when they start in nursery class, and must have been born before October 1st 2015 to apply.

The language of instruction in the new nursery class is French and students can choose English or German as their first foreign language from Primary 1 and Danish as their second foreign language from Secondary 1.

You can read more about the application process for nursery class here.

French/Danish Secondary 1

Secondary 1 corresponds to the Danish 6th grade. The new secondary 1 class will be a combined French/Danish class, which means students can choose either French as mother tongue or Danish as mother tongue (L1). The students who have French as mother tongue (also known as L1) can choose between English or German as L2 (first foreign language) and Danish, German or English as L3 (second foreign langauge). The students who have Danish as L1 can choose between English, German or French as L2 and L3.  All other subjects will be taught in Danish.

You can read more about the application process for S1 here.