ESCPH Student Council wins prize

ESCPH Student Council wins prize

Earlier this spring, our very own Lower Secondary Student Council submitted a video to a competition by Danske Skoleelever. The video showed what the Student Council does and accomplishes, as well as what they would like to spend the money prize on.

Danske Skoleelever (DSE) then held a conference where our school’s Student Council were accounced the winner of ‘Årets Elevråd 2023’ (Student Council of the Year 2023)!

DSE write about the prize that: “Student Council of the Year is a student council that has done something extra to ensure better school days for their class mates. Maybe your student council has ensured that there are sanitary towels available on the school’s toilets or maybe you were the ones to contact the school management to inform that the homework café kept revolving around maths.” (Source: Har din skole årets bedste elevråd? – Danske Skoleelever)

This week, the Lower Secondary Student Council had a special day, as they were invited to celebrate their victory with pancakes at the Copenhagen City Hall with the Minister for Children and Youth. A special day for everybody!

Congratulations and a huge thank you to the Lower Secondary Student Council for their hard work and dedication 🎊