On Friday 24th September, the ESCPH lower-secondary section took part in European Day of Languages.

The theme for this year was food, and more particularly cakes.

Incredible confections

From 8am, bakers started bringing in their incredible confections for the Great European School Bake Off.
As more and more beautifully crafted desserts arrived on the tables, it was clear that the competition would be fierce!

To start the morning off, the whole school sang their version of Shakira’s “Try everything”, which put a smile on everyone’s face and soon after it was indeed our team of judges’ turn to “try everything”, an exciting yet daunting task!

Everyone sat down to enjoy a slice of cake (many actually) and a cup of tea. Rather incredibly, within a few minutes, all the cakes had disappeared. Judges were looking slightly pale but were still able to announce the winners!

Posters design

It was then time for the morning’s activity where students designed posters about their favourite food in teams. The tasks required them to draw on a range of skills which they did to achieve stunning results, making it hard again for the judges to draw winners.

The wonderful posters are on display in the corridors of the first and second floor.

All met in the hall for a final round of cheering and clapping for everyone involved.

It was then time to go to the canteen for…more food!