A week in the European Parliament with Alisha and Sofie (S7)

A week in the European Parliament with Alisha and Sofie (S7)

Alisha and Sofie from S7 did an exciting internship with Kira Peter-Hansen (MEP for Danish party SF) in the European Parliament! They wrote a bit about their trip below:

For four days we followed Kira, who we got to know when she visited the school to do a presentation. It has been fun, educational, and incredibly exciting to gain an insight into her political work here in Bruxelles.

When we met at the European Parliament on Monday morning, we were somewhat nervous. Seen through our eyes, it is a pretty extraordinary place.

It has been surreal to get to experience what goes on behind the façade, and witness everything happen first hand.

At the same time, it has been surprising how relaxed people seem, and everyone just wears normal clothes. Even most of the MEP’s just wear everyday clothes and are very down to earth.

Everyone has been good at welcoming us. It has been such a pleasant experience being part of Kira’s team, as they are all incredibly kind.

Furthermore, we got to be present during a voting session. It was so fun to witness in real life and not through a screen.

Our internship has by all means lived up to our expectations and we look forward to telling all our friends and family about our experiences in Bruxelles and the European Parliament.