These words were the focal point at the European School Copenhagen on Friday 3 March, the school’s annual Wellbeing Day.

At morning assembly, all the pupils watched a short movie, which was produced by staff members and featured some of the pupils talking about what it means to be a good friend. After that, 3.EN sang their class song about friendship and community and each pupil was encouraged to make new friends by talking or smiling to pupils they didn’t know. The assembly ended with a singalong to “You have a friend in me”.

After assembly, the pupils went back to their classrooms to engage in a number of friendship and wellbeing activities. 0.DK talked about the use of language and how it affects our relationships with each other. In 3.DK, they discussed and carried out a variety of cooperation and friendship exercises. In all classes the pupils drew pictures of what they liked best about their class.
Pupil’s wellbeing is a strategic focus area for the European School Copenhagen and the school is an Ambassador School for Save the Children. Wellbeing is considered important in its own right but is also regarded as fundamental to pupils’ learning and development. The school has a wellbeing coordinator who organises the annual Wellbeing day and other wellbeing activities during the year.