Theme Week about the Environment and Plastics

Theme Week about the Environment and Plastics

Each year the European School Copenhagen organises two theme weeks, where the whole school works on a common theme and the children are mixed across year groups and language sections. Cooperation, sharing and learning are key elements to the theme weeks at the European School Copenhagen.


What effect does plastic have on the environment?


This is just one of the many questions that the children of the European School Copenhagen pondered during the second theme week of the year. The theme of the week was “Plastic” and the classrooms, hallways, and open spaces were filled with plastics of all sorts. The children and their parents brought in used plastic bottles, plastic containers and plastic bags from home, and the children were asked to give the plastic a new life! Right before our very eyes we saw plastic transform into flower pots, monsters, and musical instruments.


There were four workshops during the week – with every child visiting each workshop once. One of the workshops focused on the effects of plastic on the environment. The children watched a movie about how plastic is polluting the seas and the children made drawings reflecting their impressions from the movie. In another workshop the children gave old plastic bottles new life as flower pots, monsters and animals. The children used scissors, paint and their creativity and imagination to transform the old bottles. In a third workshop the children made music with old plastic bottles, bubble wrap and old plastic containers. The students then used these instruments to create a song called Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.


The children proudly presented what they learned in the workshops to their friends and families at the parents event on Wednesday. After the families visited all of the workshops there was a big international buffet prepared by all of the parents. The families and children shared a great time over a wide array of foods from all over the world.



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