The European School Copenhagen hosted its first book fair at the end of August. The purpose of the book fair was to encourage and inspire a love of reading in the children, so it was great to see that they all really enjoyed attending the storytelling and browsing through the many books. There was a wide range of books to meet their different interests and reading abilities.

The Usborne book fair was also an opportunity for the children and their parents to purchase English books, which may not be readily available in Denmark, as well as an opportunity to earn free books for the school. All purchases made during the Book Fair contributed to the number of free books given to the school, and thanks to the enthusiasm of our children and parents, the school received a huge amount of books for free. These books will be given a home in the classrooms and the school’s Learning Centre where teachers and pedagogues can access them for use in class.

We would like to thank all the parents for their great support.