Study trip to Lund University

Study trip to Lund University

Tuesday the 15th of March, the S7-students who are studying physics and chemistry took the train across Øresund to Lund. Every year, Lund University arranges a high school week where it’s possible to attend  lectures from different departments on a variety of topics.

The students learnt about superheavy elements (physics) by a Polish Ph.D. researcher, color and chemistry, astronomy with lectures on the Milky way and the history of the universe. We also had the possibility to ask Ph.D. researchers about what it’s like being a researcher and what is required.

Some of the students also learnt about the digestive system and went on an interactive journey through it 😊 There were also time to check out the city of Lund with buildings from the 12th century and stores to buy both lösgodis (blandselv slik) and kanelbullar (cinnamon rolls).

After a long day, we took the train back to København tired and filled with knowledge (and candy).
The trip was a success, and we will definitely repeat it next year 😊