Secondary students spread happiness during theme week!

Secondary students spread happiness during theme week!

During theme week at the beginning of June, the students in Secondary 1 and 2 explored the concept of “happiness”. Denmark is consistently ranked among the happiest nations in the world, but why? What is happiness?  How do you achieve it? How do you spread happiness?

The students had many interesting discussions and completed the week with a special assignment: to spread happiness in Copenhagen by doing a flash mob [1]. This was not as easy as some of the students had imagined, but the students certainly had a lot of fun doing it! See the video here. Maybe they can spread some happiness to you?

Here are some of their ideas to spread happiness:

Be kind, smile, say something nice about someone, dance, sing, etc…..

[1] Defined as a ‘large public gathering of people who perform an unusual or seemingly random act, then quickly disperse.  Typically organised by means of the Internet or social media.’