S5 students participate in Danish maths competition

S5 students participate in Danish maths competition

The Georg Mohr Competition is a mathematics competition aimed at students interested in mathematics in upper secondary education. The purpose of the Georg Mohr Competition is to stimulate interest in mathematics by challenging the most talented students with tasks that in difficulty go beyond what they encounter in daily teaching. In addition, the competition serves as part of the selection of participants for the IMO, the International Mathematical Olympiad.

On November 17th, the first round of the competition took place and 5 students (all from S5) from the European School Copenhagen, namely Connor Honey, Ellen Taylor, Luca Koushede, Faiz Mulyo and Sofie Karlsen-Segovia, participated. They are now looking forward to the second and final round which takes place on January 12th, 2021.

The students worked hard on training for the tournament on top of their everyday commitments to school and assignments.

We wish them luck for round 2!

You can read more about the Georg Mohr competition at: https://www.georgmohr.dk/