Thursday 23rd September, we organised Pajamas for Peace Day to raise money for children in Afghanistan. Teachers and students in nursery class to secondary 4 wore PJs to school to bring attention to the plight of children in Afghanistan, and everyone was encouraged to donate 10 kr (or more) to UNICEF through our Parents Association. Donations exceeded all expectations and we raised a staggering total of 9,164.23 kr., which we have transferred to UNICEF. We wish to thank everybody who participated in making this day special and for their generous donations.

The decision to organise Pajamas for Peace came from students in S1EN, who were studying a novel called The Breadwinner about an 11-year-old-girl called Parvana, who lives in Kabul, Afghanistan. After her father is wrongfully arrested, and with no man in the family to work or buy food, Parvana must disguise herself as a boy to provide for her family. S1EN studied this novel as it links our school values to a global mindset, whilst allowing learning opportunies in L1. This year, we were reading it at the same time as the recent conflict in Afghanistan, and the students felt the desire to organise a charity event to help children in need. We chose UNICEF Afghanistan for its focus on child protection, education, health, nutrition, polio eradication and water sanitation. Moreover, as a Rights Respecting School, this felt in line with our school values.

We hope to organise more events in the future to help children in conflict zones, and to promote open discussions as curious, empathetic and globally minded citizens in our school community.