Spaces in our new French language section

Spaces in our new French language section

In August 2019, the European School Copenhagen will open four new classes in a new French language section and there are still spaces available if you wish to apply.

The new classes are: Nursery class, Primary 1, Secondary 1 and Secondary 2.

The language of instruction in the Nursery class and Primary 1 class is French. Please contact Hanne Schmidt. Head of Primary, for more information, phone +45 2478 2302. Apply here.

The Secondary 1 and Secondary 2 classes in the French language section will be combination classes, which means the students can choose either French as mother tongue or Danish as mother tongue. All other subjects will be taught in Danish and all the students will have English as their first foreign language. If you wish to have Danish as mother tongue rather than French, please state it in your application and the admission form template. If you have any questions, please contact Mette Sophie Skærlund, Head of Department, Secondary, phone +45 4261 3184. Apply here.

NB! Nursery class is equivalent to Danish børnehaveklasse and S1 and S2 are equivalent to Danish 6th and 7th grade respectively.


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